The Team

  Elijah Dixson   Producer
  Charles Carucci   Lead Designer

Charles Carucci

Lead Designer

 Paul Klimaszewski  Lead Designer

Paul Klimaszewski

Lead Designer

  Cole Kirkpatrick   Lead Artist

Cole Kirkpatrick

Lead Artist

 Sean Walsh  Artist

Sean Walsh


 Peter Hansen  Sound Artist

Peter Hansen

Sound Artist

  Gabriel Pereyra   Lead Programmer   

Gabriel Pereyra

Lead Programmer


  Duncan Carroll   Programmer

Duncan Carroll


  Lucas Spiker   Programmer

Lucas Spiker


 Zachary Taylor  Programmer

Zachary Taylor



Why Hyper Neon Fishing?

Everyone on the team are college students. Most of us attend Champlain College and are a part of their super awesome game development program. During our Game Production 2 class where were tasked to come up with 50 different game ideas on the spot in class. One of the ideas we came up with was Hyper Neon Fishing. The name and idea really excited us- a game where the player uses funky fresh disco neon dance moves to attract fish. We prototyped a few other ideas, but both our QA testing and our personal interest lead us to making Hyper Neon Fishing. The details of our development process are below. Click here to download the game!


Getting Ready for GameFest RPI 2017

4.27.2017 The Hyper Before the Storm

Almost everything is in place for us to be ready to attend GameFest RPi 2017. A link to the compitition details can be found here: In preparation for the compitition we prepare a trailer show casing our game!

In addition our awesome trailer we also put together some awesome stickers that we will be giving away at GameFest!

Week 10 Alpha

 While not all the features we wanted made it into the Alpha Build, our QA testers still greatly enjoyed our game and gave us very valuable feedback on how we could continue to improve it.

While not all the features we wanted made it into the Alpha Build, our QA testers still greatly enjoyed our game and gave us very valuable feedback on how we could continue to improve it.

Sprint Planning

Below is our sprint backlogs for the first 10 weeks of developing Hyper Neon Fishing. We used Agile Scrum methodologies to plan, pivot, and iterate each week. Every Saturday we did QA testing and incorporated the feedback and our game is better because of it.

Some Significant dates to keep in mind:

- Sprint 2B is when we did our Mid-Mortem Pitch, the video of which can be found below

- Sprint 3A and 3B were spent transitioning the team from 5 people to 11 awesome team members

- After Sprint 4c (Alpha) we were informed about the opportunity of going to GameFest, so We decided to pivot our next couple weeks of work to make sure that we bring something awesome. That change in plan can be seen in the images below. We ended up pushing back the first boss fight beyond Beta in order to deliver a polished product. In both iterations, the week before Beta is purposefully lightly planned to leave room for issues and new ideas to fruition.


Week Eight Gameplay Footage [Pre-Alpha]

Alpha was just 2 weeks away at this point. We still had a lot to do, but we managed to find time to put together a gameplay video for Accepted Students Day at Champlain College.


Week Five Pitch

2.21.2017 Champlain College MidMortem Cuts

In Just 5 Weeks we went from having only a title and a vague idea to the presentation below. We survived the infamous cuts that happen at Champlain College, and later that week we convinced 6 new awesome people to join the Hyper Neon Fishing Team.

Initial Concept Art

Initial Game Idea:


A game that takes place across various landscapes like ruins or ancient wilderness, where you take the role of a small creature that harnesses the power of shapeshifting into other mythical beasts to overcome enemies and puzzles.

- 2D game
- Trying to kill/catch fish with your harpoon/funk
- Start in a ship hub
- Choose your loadout and dive
- Earn money by fishing and buy better equipment
- Harpoons damage fish
- Nets slow fish down
- Tube sucks fish back to base
- Baits lure different kinds of fish
- Oceans get deeper and deeper
- Upgrade more to get to the bottom
- Concept art in progress